Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How We Use Colloidal Silver

A little while back my friend gave me a little bottle of what looked like water. I was working with healing a cut on the hand and she had said to spray it directly on the wound and that it would keep the wound from getting infected and help heal it up. I was game and after all it couldn't hurt, I mean it looks like a bottle of water! It turns out that "water" is some good stuff! I decided to read up on some other uses for the miracle water and was finding that it is not only good at wound cleaning and healing but works great to fend off those seasonal bugs. We put it to the ultimate test when we took it to the Harrisburg Farm show. Our family has a history of coming home sick from the farm show every year that we have had kids, so we decided to see if it really could keep us free from the hordes of people carrying flu strains. I was skeptical, especially as we went on the first Saturday and it was rainy out so the farm show was packed! However, I am happy to say that this is the first year we went with kids and came back with just memories and not sickness.

So what is it? Well using silver for health has been around for a long time. In fact the ancient Romans and Kings of biblical times kept silver jars for their drinking water. The families of the rich in the dark ages ate off sliver plates and had a higher percentage of sliver in their blood, thus the term "blue bloods." American pioneers would put silver in their milk and water to retard spoilage. During the plague many rich families gave the baby of the home silver spoons to suck on, hence the term "born with a silver spoon in their mouth." Napoleons army was said to have used it for water purification. It has been recognized for it's protective properties for some time.

What makes it effective is the "silver ions bind them selves to cell walls and are then absorbed into the single-cell bacteria or fungus wherein they interfere with cellular energy production and kill the organism.  The fermentation system of energy production used by these single cell organisms is different than the aerobic energy producing system of human cells, which are not so affected by silver.  This means silver is not toxic to human cells." Also Bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver, unless it has an extremely thick cell wall and doesn't absorb the silver. Sounds like a good thing to have on hand in case of a super bug in my opinion.

With this much good stuff going for it you want to know what the down sides are. Taking colloidal silver in high doses for extended periods of time may result in a condition called argyria, which is when your skin turns blue or gray. The "blue bloods" of old often had this especially because they avoided sun exposure as well, making the skin especially blue in color. You would have to take rather large amounts for a long time to acquire that look, but it is worth mentioning. Some people have also reported digestive upset but I have a rather sensitive digestive system and it has not given me any trouble.

We have ours in a spray bottle for when we travel. When we are out in a situation like the farm show or at the home of someone who is sick I would give our kids (and us parents too!) a few squirts in the mouth and the hands every hour. After playing at in indoor play land I spray their little hands. We have a bottle of it at home and the adults will take 2 Tbs every other day when we feel something coming on or that tingle in the back of the throat. It has been extremely effective so far in keeping our family healthy and I am glad that we have it as an option in our medicine cabinet.

May your family experience health and happiness the remainder of this winter!

                                                                The Farmer in the Dell

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